Ubiquo 0.8.1 released

Today we are releasing the Ubiquo version 0.8.1. This new version brings bugfixes and some new features.

Ubiquo settings

We have completely revamped the Ubiquo::Config module and now it’s called Settings. But has a lot more to offer. Type validation, transparent backend, and best of all, no-brainer CMS integration, to easily allow Ubiquo users to change the value of the settings.

Ubiquo Media

Added suport for #translation_shared_on_initialize for media attachments and validations on media_attachment sizes and types.

Ubiquo Design

Update the widget rendering behaviour to manage redirects in a more suitable way.

Ubiquo Authentication

We added an option to define the storage for user’s photo.

Ubiquo i18n

It comes with some performance improvements on the localize filter, support for #initialize_translations_for and more features on nested attributes and support for mark_for_destruction in shared associations.

As always, we encourage you to upgrade the plugins to this version, on the 0.8-stable branch.

If you are following the stable branch you should update to the latest version:

rake ubiquo:foreach:pull