Ubiquo 0.8 is here

A new version of ubiquo is out!

After these months of “silent” work on the master branch, we reached the features for this release – Ubiquo 0.8.

We’ve devoted a lot of love and time to it and we expect you to like it as much as we do. We use it everyday, so we can assure you that it’s something to consider.

Among other, the main changes are:

Ubiquo Categories

Our categorization plugin makes it really easy to tag or classify your models. It actually has become a “must-have” plugin for us. It provides a simple mechanism to organize and categorize the content of your website, adding a generic category system for your models and forms. It makes easy the typical case of news categorization, write post tags or choose an attribute value from a list of options. You categorize something with only 2 lines of code. It rocks!

Ubiquo Design

This plugin provides a complete solution for the public part of your website. It gives you the needed tools to publish pages with a modular structure in a totally dynamic way. Managing page contents with a user-friendly drag & drop interface, organized within blocks that can be shared among other pages, or creating diferent page layouts. It allows to publish multilingual contents when working together with the ubiquo_i18n plugin. Cache aware, tied to the models and integrated with the rails cache framework, thanks to our experience in high load sites.

It brings reusability, power and user-friendlyness to the publishers in their day by day work. It’s also this way for the developer who works on it.

Ubiquo Core

Our plugin base where we set the main features and where other plugins can be built on top of it. We’ve refactored the filters interface to get a big code reduction. Redesigned the user interface to a freshened and cooler look. Improved the lightbox implementation giving support to nested lightboxes, and added a custom builder to reduce code repetition when writing forms without losing freedom. Easily schedule your cron jobs without having to worry about concurrency, logging, notifying, or installing on the environments. A class loading mechanism to easily extend the ubiquo plugins code without forking it. And at last but not less important, a relation selector, to manage the associations between models on the forms in a breeze!

Ubiquo Media

Our media manager plugin has been reviewed and some parts of it rewritten. We did a redesign on the media selector to show a better interface. We added a “crop and resize” feature to avoid having to use a desktop program to do that, and choose which part of the image to show on the diferent image sizes defined for the site.


We integrated the “translate” plugin to manage the literals from the web. It is customized to both be useful for third-party translators and developers, and make it easy for the user to generate the translations to the other languages.

Ubiquo i18n

The plugin has been revamped and code-reviewed. With more intuitive default behaviours, it now supports sharing transparently associations between translations in a lot of new situations, and allows other plugins to be built on top of it.

And many more…!

In these almost 2 years of work, there are a lot of small improvements, fixes and features in Ubiquo that you can find useful and interesting. We want to thank everybody who contributed to it.